A Reading Challenge for You

The books on our shelves without titles on their spines.

It is these books we never see.

Never to be noticed,



These books go unperceived.


I challenge you to read a book on your shelf that has a blank spine. Be surprised.


The Best Life

He talks of plans, of dreams, for us,
of all the things we often lust.

The house, the car, the fancy toys,
are all too tempting to ignore.

‘We will have the best life’ he says to me,
and I nod, hold his hand, I agree.

But I’m not waiting for those days,
they only come from long delays.

A year ago, I was made his wife,
and that is why¬†‘I have the best life.’


The restlessness I feel tonight,

will only last until it’s light.


It’s all because I can’t ignore,

these jumbled thoughts, I’ve had before


I remember things I wish had’t,

Things that had been long absent.


My mind will rifle through these files,

when it knows I haven’t slept awhile.


And, when I’m done with past regrets,

I conjure up new things to fret.


Oh, how many nights I’ve troubled.

Behind my eyes, these thoughts have tumbled.


Pound by pound, they add up,

If only I had a measuring cup.


Because, I will watch and watch these shows,

Until that cocky rooster crows.

Two Bottles Unwanted

Today is day two of my minimalism challenge.


I got rid of two crown royal bottles.

Two bottles I didn’t need, and who didn’t need me.

I’d held on to these bottles for god knows how long.

With grandiose plans of repurposing them.

They’d make great soap dispensers.

They could hold buttons,

or seeds,

little trinkets,

and things.


Yeah, right.

They’ll sit in that corner, gathering dust.

Just to be thrown into a box when I move.

So they can be forgotten again.


I’m saving us both the trouble.

A Book for Sale

I have here a book for sale.


It’s ex-library, but from an academic library.

In case you didn’t know, that makes it ok.


It has the usual stickers and stamps, that you would expect.

From a library that wants its books back.


Its pages are yellowed, and aged just so.

Books are like fine wine, you know.


Its corners are lightly bumped and rubbed.

But that only means,

this book was loved.


The front hinge, is cracked.

Its webbing exposed.

But it’s still firmly attached!

I’d like you to know.


There’s underlining and highlighting,

quite extensively.

From pages 1 to 33.



There’s something on page 48.

I hope it’s not blood,

we’ll call it a stain.


There’s a receipt tucked in here,

from the store.

For some booze and a 6-pack of Coors.


And now I will mention ‘light shelf wear’,

In the case that I forgot anything,

like a tear.


I hope you don’t think this is a bad book now.

There are some good things I’d like you to know.


Aside from the notes, page 48,

and what the previous owner had to highlight,

The text is clean and bright.



There is a gilt title, on not just the cover.

But the spine as well.


You will like this book, It’s volume 2.

Volume 1 is not included,

I hope you didn’t want that too.


via Daily Prompt: Yellow