Desert Island Food

If you could bring one food to a desert Island what would it be?

I don’t mean pizza or sushi or cake. I mean one clean un-adultered food. Like peanuts or chicken.

I got into this discussion with a friend recently and I’ve been trying to decide on a desert island food for quite some time. Something that I could eat all day every day of course, but also something that would meet my essential dietary needs.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I would be happy eating peanuts, chick peas (garbanzo beans), or potatoes indefinitely. Now I have thrown these foods into a 2000 calorie a day food plan to see what nutritional info would result.



Garbanzo beans are my favorite food, usable in a variety of ways and delicious by themselves.

2470g of garbanzo beans make up 2000 calories.

This made up of 381g of carbs, 38g of fat, and 114g of protein. These are pretty good macros.

It also maintains good levels of potassium, calcium, and iron.

What it lacks is Vitamins A and C. The scurvy threat is real.

The real kicker is 95g of fiber.

This is great aside from the unfortunate lack of a bathroom on my desert island.




There are an exceptional variety of potatoes. We are going to look at the good, old fashioned Idaho Spud.

2694g of Idaho Spuds make up 2000 calories.

This gives us 473g of carbs (yikes), 0g of fat, and 54.5g of protein. That’s not great.

The micros and minerals show better news.

Potatoes have exceptional levels of potassium and Vitamin C.

They do pretty well on iron and fiber as well.

But, they are poorly lacking when it comes to vitamin A and calcium.




350g of peanuts make up 2000 calories, try feeling full on that.

With this, we see 62g of carbs, 175g of fat, and 88g of protein. Not bad, your body might end up in ketosis with 37g of net carbs.

Peanuts, unfortunately, lack when it comes to micros and minerals.

Fiber is ok, at 25g.

Potassium is barely decent.

Vitamins A & C, Calcium, and Iron are all very poor.



I am yet to find a proper food that would give you a well-balanced diet without access to a multivitamin.

What would be your desert island food? Can anyone find the perfectly balanced food item? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


A Reading Challenge for You

The books on our shelves without titles on their spines.

It is these books we never see.

Never to be noticed,



These books go unperceived.


I challenge you to read a book on your shelf that has a blank spine. Be surprised.

How to Shop Minimally

Today’s post from the Daily Prompt inspired me to write about a concept I’ve been trying to adopt for a while. Replacement.


Today when I buy something I ask myself questions.

  • Do I need it?
  • Does it fill a void that I’ve been wanting to fill for a while?
  • And in relation to this post,
    • Do I already own something that can do this?


This unfolds another series of questions:

  • Why do I need this thing if I already have something similar?
  • Does this do it better/faster/more sustainably?
  • Do I need two of these things because one is always borrowed or used elsewhere?


I now have a rule for when I buy things:


For everything I buy, I must get rid of one thing.

This keeps me from falling down the slippery slope into hoarding again.


When I went to Goodwill the other day I donated at least 150 items of clothing. I then went in and bought 3 new things.

I had already met my rule by donating 50x the amount of things I was accumulating. But, there was a problem. I had bought a pair of jeans. I already have a pair of jeans.


The pair of jeans I already have don’t fit well, I hemmed them (poorly), and they ride way too low in the back. I never wear them.

The new pair fits me wonderfully, I feel great in them and I’m not afraid to move around in them.

So, out with the old and in with the new, my old jean are one of the things I will be getting rid of today in my 30-day challenge. Along with an old box and a stained pair of socks.

via Daily Prompt: Replacement

The Best Life

He talks of plans, of dreams, for us,
of all the things we often lust.

The house, the car, the fancy toys,
are all too tempting to ignore.

‘We will have the best life’ he says to me,
and I nod, hold his hand, I agree.

But I’m not waiting for those days,
they only come from long delays.

A year ago, I was made his wife,
and that is why ‘I have the best life.’


The restlessness I feel tonight,

will only last until it’s light.


It’s all because I can’t ignore,

these jumbled thoughts, I’ve had before


I remember things I wish had’t,

Things that had been long absent.


My mind will rifle through these files,

when it knows I haven’t slept awhile.


And, when I’m done with past regrets,

I conjure up new things to fret.


Oh, how many nights I’ve troubled.

Behind my eyes, these thoughts have tumbled.


Pound by pound, they add up,

If only I had a measuring cup.


Because, I will watch and watch these shows,

Until that cocky rooster crows.