My name is Emily Hjulstrom.

I am a mild granola child. I missed out on the wild and crazy 70’s where my dad hitchhiked, protested, and communed. Despite this, my brother and I grew up on a farm and absorbed certain granola traits. My dad’s selectively extreme pacifism towards everything became ours, as did many other quirks, habits and qualities.

Today I strive to embody the selflessness and peace that he is found in my own life. I strive to become more sustainable, handy and happy. I hope for my husband and me to build a happy and peaceful life together. I also hope to kick the hoarding bug that my book-peddling dad passed on to me.

For the time being I am busy describing used books for my dad’s book store.

I hope that you will take this journey with me, it will be full of experiments, failures, and hopefully, something that works for me and for you.