The Best Life

He talks of plans, of dreams, for us,
of all the things we often lust.

The house, the car, the fancy toys,
are all too tempting to ignore.

‘We will have the best life’ he says to me,
and I nod, hold his hand, I agree.

But I’m not waiting for those days,
they only come from long delays.

A year ago, I was made his wife,
and that is why ‘I have the best life.’


5 thoughts on “The Best Life

    1. He is I’m Japan, right? It will get better, absence truly does make the hearth grow fonder, as cliche as it is. My husband has been in police academy for the last 5 months. I get to see him one or two days a week but it’s still very hard. Hang in there Gwen ❤

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