Crunchy Cats

We hear a lot about Zero Waste and being more sustainable. There’s a lot of information out there about becoming a ‘greener person’.

But, I have cats, and they aren’t green.

Cat’s don’t care about the environment. They don’t care about your carpet either. I have three cats and I’m pretty sure they hate me.

Between two kittens and a 17-year-old, I have a lot of mess to handle.


Apollo and Luna


I have a hard time keeping up with them already. How do I keep up with them while also staying green?

Turns out, it’s easier than you think.

A few sacrifices can go a long way towards making your cats more eco-friendly.


Replace your litter.

Most store-bought litters are an environmental hazard, especially anything that advertises ‘clumping technology’. Replacing your cat litter with dirt, newspaper, pine corn or cedar can make a huge print in your environmental pawprint.

Of course, training your cat to go to the bathroom outside is an even better, and easier, option.

Now, I’m sure you’re saying, what about the smell?

Baking Soda.

I’m serious, it makes a world of difference. A few tablespoons of baking soda sprinkled in the litter box can neutralize those seriously offensive odors.


Me and Smiley, my 17-year-old baby. 


Cat food.

There are many recipes online for making your own cat food. They range from reasonably easy recipes to ‘you must REALLY love your cat recipes’.

Assuming you aren’t yet at this stage (I’m not), there are other ways you can make a difference.

Bulk cat food.

Sounds easy enough, and it is. Instead of buying 3 smaller bags buy one of those giant bags. The kind of bags you have to ask for assistance in order to get them into your cart. This drastically reduces the amount of packaging your cat wastes.

Some pet stores even have bulk bins of food where you can bring a reusable container and fill up at the store.



You can make your own cat toys.

Cat’s don’t require as much stimulation as we do. They are easily placated with scraps of string or broken things from around the house.

As an obsessive knitter/crocheter I always have tons of yarn scraps to throw at my cats, and they like it as much as any toy I buy them.



Is your kitty a whore for treats?

There are actually many online recipes to make your own.

You can even make your own cat food. It’s much better than the filler filled garbage you find at the store.


It may seem impossible to have a green or zero waste cat, but small changes can make a huge difference.


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