KonMari Can’t Have My Books

Bookshelves line the walls, stacks of books balance precariously in every corner and there isn’t a clear surface in sight.


A few months ago I jumped on the bandwagon and bought Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Honestly, it was one of the few experiences I have had that has changed my life.

My dad has always been a hoarder, instilling in me that everything has value. This is true, but it is not that black and white.

I live in fear of waste. Throwing things out hurts me and excessive plastic packaging is like a knife to the heart. Just today I got into an argument with my dad about getting rid of boxes that we had way too many of because I was sure I could find a use for them. This was the problem I had with the KonMari method.

‘I can’t throw out my precious things! Was she crazy? How Wasteful!’ I fumed when I heard about KonMari.

But I started to try it in my own way, little by little. I gave away clothes I didn’t wear (making my niece’s very happy). I then folded my husband and I’s remaining clothes so that they had the strength to stand by themselves.  I organized my papers and recycled anything I didn’t need to hold on to. I sold off my knick knacks at yard sales. And, I even sold some of my precious books.

Overall, I got rid of close to 70% of my belongings.

I was liberated, there was so much room to breathe. Everything was great, except, for the emptiness in my book shelves. I marveled at the organization of my now decreased wardrobe. I loved the freedom of having a place to put my coffee on my desk. But the emptiness of my bookshelves set a gloomy shadow.

My family runs a bookstore, you can tell the second that you step into my father’s house. Bookshelves line the walls, stacks of books balance precariously in every corner and there isn’t a clear surface in sight. Books are a security blanket in my family and I had lost mine.


My dad and his books


Over the past few months, I have been carefully rebuilding my collection. Trying to keep only books that I feel like I need or that I will read. And at this point, I must accept defeat. I refuse to live the perfect KonMari lifestyle. I have the power to pick and choose the modes in which I live my life. I find that extremism is not something I can do. Giving myself back my books was a waste of space, sure. But, I feel better, I read more, and my walls are more insulated with these bad boys around.

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